About us

Dilip Rajani ~ PPNAEA(Comm)

Since 1980, Dilip has been helping SME's from the UK and India with Finance Sourcing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Outsourcing and Expansion Projects in the UK.


Hamilton’s, has been established since 1947. It was acquired in 1980 by its present owner, Dilip Rajani, who has spent over 35 years at the helm, steering it through the difficult periods of previous recessions, and successfully kept the name of Hamilton’s in the top league.

Hamilton’s has represented many large companies in the acquisition of sites, among them the Leicester Mercury News shops, part of the Daily Mail Group, the Co-op, Jackson’s, Alldays, Perfect Pizza and various international collaborations.

Over the years Hamilton’s has built up an enviable reputation with Lenders, business vendors and purchasers alike. In early 1995 due to pressure Hamilton’s divided the company into two sections and after due consideration, the retail business sales side of the company was sold.

By 2008, Hamilton’s took an interest with the real estate market in India. Initially assisting clients to purchase their first property in India, Hamilton’s quickly expanded his operation by setting up a sales team for a developer in Navi Mumbai, networking with property professionals and building his contacts list.

Following the global recession, in 2010 a focus on acquisitions on behalf of investment clientele and international companies ensured further growth. The scarcity of business finance attracted requests for Hamilton’s to assist in arranging funding for business purchases, property development finance and restructuring of business finance.

With a worldwide global clientele, from Africa to USA, including India, Portugal and Turkey, Hamilton’s has been able to negotiate the acquisition of investment properties and luxury properties for High Net Worth Individuals in the UK and Europe.

2012 to Present

Since 2012, Hamilton’s has concentrated on commercial investments, development projects, off market deals in hotels, flats in the UK including prime central London locations and facilitating raising finance for investments and restructuring of business funding.

Following changes in government and business practice since the middle of 2018, Hamilton’s has identified opportunities within the business and social growth sectors in India. 

Opening offices in Nashik to serve major trading areas within Maharashtra, the venture will concentrate on providing merger and acquisition services for businesses, raising finance for small to medium enterprises and corporate lending.

An important aspect will be assisting clients with their business set up and collaboration deals both in India and the UK. A recently added facet to the business has been a department which helps in the application process of obtaining an Entrepreneur Visa in the UK. Offering a full bespoke concierge service for clients wishing to acquire businesses, development and investment projects in the UK